Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Another Day!

I loved this outfit on this girls! It's very urban chic. Black looks great on anybody. And neutral colors is always a safe look when your just walking around, wanting to look casual. I think every woman should own a big chunky scarf for summer. 

I also love her shoes and her fur vest! I have a little obsession with fur vest ;)  

xoxo, A...Archambault

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Have a great day!


  1. Olivia Palermo so stylish!!!!!!!!!

  2. Some great shots and fabulous style. I especially like the second picture with the incredible shoes and the detailed shirt.

  3. thanks for your comment. i'm following babe :) xx

    F. (

  4. I think is because they look very comfortable in their clothe, and because they are matching simple things with pretty details :)
    Amazing outfit both!

    See you!

  5. I'm loving your blog!!


  6. Hi :) Thanks a lot for your visit! After reading your comment in my blog i'm seriously thinking about writing my posts also in English, so that anyone could read it.

    Thanks a lot! * * * *

    I'm gona take a look around of your blog too:)


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