Thursday, April 26, 2012

What She's Wearing ...

Hanneli Mustaparta is supporting a Acne jacket, sweater, pants, sunglasses, a Mulberry bag and Burberry shoes. Do you ever look at these celebs and wonder how much they've paid for their outfit? Me too. So let's add this up...

( although they aren't the purple pair, it's the same brand and fit but just in orange)

Acne top

Acne sweater: $275

With a total sum of $4,401.00, this outfit could break your bank! Though it would be nice to own beautiful Burberry shoes and  a pair of Acne sunglasses, there are alternatives to these finds. Anne Taylor and J.Crew hold many of these items in variations! All we have to do is search hard and shop hard. Hanneli's outfit is beautiful, but we don't have to spend the same amount of money she did. All we have to do is search for similar attire and try to recreate the look to make it our own.

xoxo, A...Archambault

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  1. adorable immages, so cool outfit!!!

  2. Nice outfit...but wow the amount of cash it takes haha, very interesting post, I like it very much.

    The Black Label

  3. her jacket!!! and the color of the pants is awesome as well.

  4. I will take all of the above :-)

  5. great look and style

    check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

  6. lovin this blog
    check out mine

  7. so beautiful dress. amazing combination.
    Parfum pas cher


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