Friday, October 22, 2010

More than just plain...

Leighton Meester (also known as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl) in my opinion, is the best dresses actress on the show.  These designed stockings are elegant and edgy. They are a great way to add a little character to your wardrobe. For fall 2010, stockings are the every girl must-have. You can pair them with some loose blue jean shorts or some dressy black slack shorts. Don't store your shorts away just yet and take out the winter cloths! Stockings are the best summer to fall transaction. Like Leighton above, she pairs her fabulous stockings with a camel colored dress and a classic bold coat. 

Where to find cute stockings?

There are plenty of stores that carry stockings and leggings with designs; and they aren't pricey so purchase a pair this fall!!!    

Coming soon:
I took a fashion survey in Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia all day yesterday and took pictures of new fall outfits that I saw around town. I am still collaborating pictures because I would like a good amount. But if you would like to have your picture added in that post. Send me a picture of you in your favorite fall fashion outfit and where each piece of clothing is from at my e-mail address ( and you might have your picture in my next blog post!!! Thank readers for all your recent comments and follows!
xoxo, A...Archambault


  1. Don't you just Leighton's look?? She always looks so gorgeous!

  2. Definitely agree on how important stockings are!!
    Great post

  3. I just picked up about 10 pairs of great colored and textured tights at Target for 5 bucks a piece! You can't beat it, and at that price they are cheap enough to replace or buy multiple pairs!

  4. yes oh yes, I also don't know where to find these but I love coloured tights :) Leighton always looks so great....

    lovely blog btw!


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  5. LOVE jean shorts with tights! Great post!
    -Monica VPV intern

  6. I like your Blog ! and the pic's ;* <3

  7. nice post dear! :)


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  9. love the stockings. they add oomph to any outfit!


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