Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another end to the day...

 What does fashion mean to you? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. You either love it or you don't. It can be incredibly youth oriented and very fickle. Its about materialism and can make you or break you. It means getting excited about Fall and Spring. Its a passion and an obsession. Keep it in check or it can rule your world. Its a lifelong love affair.

  2. Beautiful photos. Fashion means freedom of expression and originality! Wear what you like and don't succumb to the trens unless they make you feel fabulous!

    xo Emily

  3. I love these photos! To me, fashion is simply wearing something that makes you feel beautiful. :)

  4. Fashion for me is the ultimate outward self expression. It tells more about you without opening your mouth. There are no limits with fashion, you can do anything. I love it.

  5. Hmmm well, I think it's a general feeling that fashion is yet another way to express yourself because it's showcasing what you like. It's kind of like you body's a canvas and you're just piling up things on it and sort of "painting" yourself. And I think that's it, it's all about creating yourself. I'm not sure I'm making myself clear haha.

  6. wow! absolutely beautiful photos! great post! :)

  7. I really love these immages, so romantic and cute!!! :-)

  8. you have such a great blog with beautitul photos!!!

    i am following you now!!



  9. the flower tights are amazing!!
    Fashion to me is my daily drug. I need it as much as i need coffee. To me, it makes me feel good, it makes me feel alive. I can be whoever I want to be when I dress up and accessorize. I LOVE, to see fashion, to talk about fashion, to draw fashion .. everything related.

    That's such a great question!

    Kenza xxxx

  10. great blog! thanks for you comment.
    fashion is to me, a form of creative expression from which I can show and share with the world a little of who I am and who I want to be.

  11. it means everything!! :D love your blog! :) its cute :) and inspiring pictures too :) xxx <3

  12. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog!..I am definetely following you..hope you follow me back...and for me Fashion is just the visual way in which you present part of the masterpiece that is your ownself ;)

    The Black Label

  13. fashion is my own person statement. to conform to the latest trend is not it for me, i'd rather stand out than fit in.

  14. Fashion means expression! :) I love the flower tights in the second picture- so pretty.

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

  15. Hey! To me fashion or style is a form of personal expression. I use fashion to express myself and my mood or make a statement.


    ps. now following..hope you follow me too:)

  16. Those aree amazing photos!!! you have a guhreat taste!!!!

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  17. love this post, you've got a great blog!
    i'll be back for sure.. =]
    and thanks for your sweet comments, they mean the world!
    come back and visit the revamped COSMICaroline anytime!



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