Monday, October 3, 2011

Cashmere Cabernet

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Now that we are all starting to hit the cold front, cashmere is a must. Cashmere jackets, cardigans, gloves....are all such a nice touch to a winter wardrobe. Cashmere is the warmest, softest, MOST comfortable garment money can buy. In the early 19th century, cashmere was spelled "Kashmir"; and later changed by the British to what we call it now. Cashmere is made from the wool of a cashmere goat. It's interesting to know, because not all wool can be made into this fine soft cashmere, this wool we use, is only accepted from the hair of this certain goat. So now when you buy a sweater made out of such smooth material, you will realize that the sweater went through a lot to be worn by you. That's why cashmere is an up-class type of material. And we all go through so much each day, that every one deserves a piece of this garment. So make sure to add some cashmere to your wardrobe this fall!

   xoxo, A...Archambault

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  1. lovely simplicity and colours!

  2. Beautiful colors..Cashmere..its always amazing!

    The Black Label

  3. LOVE YOUR BLOG GIRL! You have yourself a new follower!

    xoxo Linds

  4. wow...I love the first picture....perfect jacket!

  5. gotta love cashmere
    cute jacket

  6. wow,such a great inspiration :D

  7. Loooove cashmere! So beautiful and soft and just love it! Gorgeous images btw. Need to check out J-Crew now. :)


  8. these pieces look so cozy, stylish and awesome to lounge around in on weekends!

  9. J Crew and Madewell are amazing places when it comes to styling and fashion inspiration. I live for their catalogs. J Crew also has amazing cashmere looks.


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