Friday, September 24, 2010

Black Out Friday!

The senior class at my school is wearing all black today for the homecoming pep-rally, game and dance. I know that I should have been, but for some reason I just wasn't that enthusiastic this week about spirit week. Example: On tacky, people looked like they rolled in tape and then just threw their whole body in their closet. That is not tacky, that's obnoxious ;) haha I guess some stuff this week has gotten on my nerves and crawled all over me. But today I am excited. It just hit me that I'm a senior and I love it. Only a small certain number of months left of school and I'm gone for good. I will not step back in that school as long as I don't have to. High-school drama is just so over-rated. I feel like I'm past that and I'm ready to start my career. Well, I'm off to school. It will be a good day ;) I'm proclaiming that!

xoxo A...Archambault

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