Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I got some new shoes while I was in Germany. What drew them to me first, was the red bottoms. Although I would love to have Louboutins, these shoes will do for now. And the shoes are a great neutral color, that I'll be able to wear with a lot. These are my great new addition to the family!

   xoxo, A...Archambault

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  1. they are italian...so good choice;)!


  2. Lovely shoes!! and hey seem very comfortable


  3. They are wonderful! I am surprised that they can do the red soles as I think Laboutin are trying to copyright the red sole

  4. They are trying to copyright the red sole's. But luckly, I bought a pair before they could do that haha. Louboutin is actually in the middle of trying to sue Yves Saint Laurent because they were coming out with a Red Sole line of there own.

    xoxo, Amanda

  5. aw thankyouthakyouthakyou for all these great comments! your blog looks awesome and ofcourse i'll follow you!


  6. You are not the only one that is craving for a pair of Louboutins haha, but these are almost as fabulous :D

    Cotton Candy

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