Sunday, August 28, 2011

Robert Longo

This summer was more than hectic... it was amazing.
 I would apologize for not blogging; but I just haven't had the time. Now that college is starting back up. 
It might be hard to blog everyday because of homework and papers.
 But I'm going to try my very best. 
Fashion is just apart of me. I can't help but love it. 
I see all these famous bloggers and wish I could be the same. 
The only thing is, fashion takes money.
And that is what I lack the most. So, that means I have to get creative. 
I have a sewing machine and plenty of materials. 
I have always dreamed of having my own line. 
So I set a goal for myself: I am going to make 12 pieces by the time of Christmas.
Whether it is a dress, blazer or just a scarf. I am giving myself a challenge. 
I will never become what I want to be by just sitting here.
So I am putting myself to work; and hoping that it turns out great.
I have a few sketches of ideas I have; but I am working on more, to give me options. 
Expect to see the start of my own line by mid-December.
So now I would just like to state that it is good to be back.
And I came across this photo shoot today by Robert Longo.
It has great energy and the collection is beautiful. So watch and hope you enjoy!

xoxo, A...Archambault

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  1. Welcome back. I love this campaign! Good luck with task you have set. Cannot wait to see the results!

  2. awesome video, thanks for sharing! good luck with college!

    Costin M.


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