Monday, March 14, 2011

A Clear Start

This is a cuff ring made out of stainless steal, with a quartz stone. 
I love it! It's so unique and stands out to me. This would look great with anything because of it's clean cut look; but also edgy. Everyone needs a unique piece of jewelry in there jewelry box! 
I would have to say that my most favorite piece, would be an antique bracelet that my cousin gave me. It was my great great grandmothers, and means more to me than if I would have bought it at a store. 
I also have a spiffy watch that I bought in Paris with the Mona Lisa painting set as the background. Along with the antique bracelet; this watch is one my favorites too. I'm an artist and love to paint. Having a piece of art on my wrist everyday, makes me feel that I can show case a little part of who I am as an individual. My third favorite piece of jewelry would have to be a pair of earrings that my father bought for me at an art gallery opening. I had some pieces in the opening, so I was there for the whole day. I kept on eyes on these pair of earrings and hoped to buy them; but by the end of the day they were sold. Christmas came around and I opened a little white box. The person that bought them at the end of the day was my dad. He's so kind! They are big silver earrings that are a definite statement. But I love them! 

 xoxo, A... Archambault.
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  1. Its really cool, so edgy!! Nice blog, I'm now a follower!!


  2. LVOE this ring and yeah, I follow you back ;) xxxx

  3. The minimal clean cut of the ring and the quartz is really simple yet edgy as you said..btw I would love to see that watch!

    The Black Label

  4. Hi there,

    I was looking at your posts, and I like your blog. I want you to visit my art blog, and if you follow me, I will follow you...


  5. In love with this ring!!! WANT IT!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for you kind words!


  6. this ring is GORGEOUS.

  7. Awesome post, and I love this ring! Also, I would love to see the watches with Mona Lisa background, it must be really unique and beautiful! :)



  8. it's so curious this ring!!! i love it!!!
    thank's for coment in my blog! I'm started to follow you if you like my blog follow me


  9. I don´t no what it is but it´s looks pretty cool!!! :-D

  10. That is a really cool ring there.

  11. hi lovely!
    thanks for ur comment on my blog!
    definately had to come back and check out ur blog and loving it!

    i love this ring!
    its a different twist on all the stone quartz rings coming out now!
    my type of jewllery!
    following you now!



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