Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enstyle in Style

This video, Enstyle Promo,
is a network of real people who wish to express their unique taste in fashion, while being inspired by other people's creativity. This video is being launch this Monday, the 21st, on the facebook platform. It has already been view by over 3,000 people over a 1 day span. My friend Beny Ricardo Sadewo was one of the blogsphere's bloggers. He deserved to be in this video. His blog is amazing and I advise all of you to go visit him and see his post. He is always uploading post and posting many of his own genuine pictures, not pictures he just pulls off of Google image ^^.  
Does watching this video make you want to live every minute of your life in fashion? Being fashionable is more than just looking great, it's an attitude, it's in the way you walk, it's how you talk, it's all about the activities you do and how you spend your time. It's easy to miss a photo when watching this because it goes so fast. But if you notice, half of these pictures, people aren't posing. They are just capturing the moments in their life that they do everyday. Like the video says
 "Feel    The    Streets"   

xoxo, A... Archambault.

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  1. Oh Amanda,.. thanks for this awesome post and notice me there,.... i'm so glad and appreciate this,.. so gurls, Lets spread Enstyle everywhere ^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  2. love Prada big time!
    great post!
    ps. im a new follower


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