Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marc Jacobs in NYC

I really loved Marc's collection. 
He is my favorite male fashion designer. Marc started out with so little and is now one of the world renowned biggest designers. He didn't inherit his fame. He earned it! Though sadly, this post will be my last winter post. The rest of my post for the season are going to be more aimed towards Spring and Summer. Although I am really looking forward to the spring sets. Maxi dresses and long skirts are going to be a really great hit. My family bought a new sewing machine for me as a Christmas gift. In result, I'm going to make many long skirts, perhaps in bright colors and florals. I'm seeing a lot of that. As for the shoes, all the advertisements have been showing tons of wedges and pumps. Luckily those are my favorite types of shoes, so I am well stocked on that section of fashion this year. 

xoxo, A... Archambault.
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  1. He NEVER disappoints. I adore all his collections. :) I really love these photos, especially the backstage ones. xo

  2. i too, love marc! i love the pictures of siri and lindsey wixson :)

  3. the photos are very nice !
    I love your blog and I'll sign as follower ....come for a visit, and if you like follow me back


  4. OMG! Love these photos!! Marc is amazing!!

    ...would appreciate if you check out my blog and if you like we could become followers so that we can keep in touch?

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  5. Amazing! I'm followin' you...
    Please follow my blog

  6. Love your blog!! Can't find the link to follow you. HELP!!
    I'll check it out every day anyway.

  7. Love it!
    I'm looking forward to S/S too this years! hurrah for maxi skirts lol

  8. love the pictures and I love Marc Jacobs, He is such a gniues! Thank you for your comment, I'll follow you now, maybe you want to follow back?

  9. Nice photos! Love Marc Jacobs also xoxo thanks for your comment, I'm following you so thanks 4 returning the favor ;) Sarah

  10. Hey
    I'm Giulia
    from "The Smiley Bow"
    I pass here because of your comment on my blog :)
    You have a very cute blog!
    I saw the Fun Theory Videos... They are amazing.. Very very cute!! :)

    from Italy

  11. I always love behind the scenes pictures from fashion shows.

    With love, Samm

  12. Cool photos.
    I liked seeing the guy wear the big flower pin.
    I don't know if I could rock it, but it good.

  13. I heart Marc Jacobs! Love his collections. Great photos!

  14. Great Blog!!!!!

    I will follow you, follow me back?

    Kisses from pepa :X

  15. Marc ♥
    Marc's collections ♥
    Just love ♥

    I will follow you, follow me back?

  16. Loveeeee. I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

  17. I agree. And, I love his Birkin collection. =) Meanwhile, I will miss fur and boots but am looking forward to tees and wedge sandals.

  18. These are truly beautiful photos. You have a fantastic blog, hope you can come and follow mine :)

  19. I'm also a huge fan of Marc Jacobs. I loved your photos, the hair at the show was wonderful and you captured it well here! Looking forward to your Spring posts!

  20. He is my hero. These images are beautifully captured. And I love the vintage feel of them. Beautiful!


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