Monday, February 7, 2011

Hold onto winter just a tab bit longer..

Hello...! Let me ask you a question.

Haven't we all been at a point where the post-Christmas spirit is gone, and the dark winter days are starting to become a bore? Well in just a few months, the sun will be warmer and we won't be able to wear any of the fabulous winter coats that you purchased this season, especially the ones you just love! 
When we have some colder days this week or two, make sure you wear your thick cloths! Because in just a short time, you won't be able to wear them. A year will pass before you can give those leather leggings and that wool coat a good use. I love this photo because of the dark winter colors ( with the exception of the bright yellow Prada bag ). 
Although the outfit is not necessary for Spring, the shoes on the other hand are. Shooties, booties and wedges are featured in almost every early Spring advertisement. They are a huge hit, which I am unquestionably happy about! 
All the designers had demonstrated phenominal different types of Spring collections. However, I was a little disappointed in Louis Vuitton's shoes this season. But my thoughts back-fired when I saw Fendi, Burbery, and Christian Louboutin's great collection for foot wear this year. 

xoxo, A... Archambault.
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  1. i love this photo. Come check out my give-away!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. Love the photo- the green and yellow pops of colour are fab


  3. Love the yellow bag!!


  4. so chic and stylish x

    check out the AlexanderMcQueen scarf giveaway:)

  5. I love when people use colors that will pop.

  6. Love your blog. Now following.

    Gorgeous. Love this outfit.

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    Karoline Kalvo

  7. Yeah I agree! Winter's almos over... btw I love this photo.

  8. come to my blog!! there's a giveaway and you can be the winner :-)

  9. Oh I can ALWAYS wear my warm clothes. My office is freeeeezing! But, to be fair, I live in southern Cali and I think because of that, my blood has thinned to the point where I find any temperature freezing. Seriously, on a 65 degree day, you can find me blasting the heat in my car while bundled in a large coat and scarf!

    I wouldn't say I'm proud of my intolerance for the cold, but I'm not ashamed either!

  10. i love an amazing jacket like this.
    prolly my favorite part of winter.<3

  11. Nice! I wish I can experience winter once, haha. :))) Wish you enjoy your incoming spring.


  12. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. love your blog its beautiful. now following hope you'll follow me. :]

    love m.

  13. Aaaw, this is beautiful!
    I love it!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  14. I can't do this cold weather anymore! Plus I've been shopping for so many spring items I'm just itching to wear them!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  15. I have been looking for a bag that color, or bright blue! They would match every look..


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