Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do's and Don't.... and Then There's the Obvious.

This picture on the left is an "obvious" don't
;). Mixing these prints is not the brightest idea haha.  But mixing prints in
general, is in fashion 
this season. For example: Let's take the picture on the right. The model in the shot is wearing the perfect mixture of prints. These prints are the same color tones and they flow together greatly. Designers this year challenged our vision to enter the realm of endless chromatic and fabric combination. Restricting ourselves to neutral tones and block-colored outfits when heading to a special event or work is a long gone habit. Instead contemporary tendencies of modern fashion illustrate how rewarding it is to strip off any barriers of pairing two contrastive prints as: tribal and floral. In the era of digital art it is more easier to envision the final result which will guarantee us a unique appearance. The designer collection below demonstrate the impressive outcome of unconscious or conscious print mixing.

Thakoon Painchgul took a risk putting such wild colors in the same piece. In my opinion he did a fabulous job. By placing neutral tones with the vivid colors, your eye's are not so strained with overwhelmed mixes. His designs are youthful and energetic.

Dries van Noten on the other hand takes fashion to an ethnic level, appealing to oriental patterns. These mixed in the proper proportion and with precise mastery add a modern and at the same time nostalgic look to his Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Enjoying the honor of mixing the bright tones with the traditional and more urban urban chic khaki and sand, brought tremendous success to the line of this respected designer. The fabrics also contributed to the special and noble atmosphere of the show.

These brought from Uzbekistan and other places as Bali further increase the authentic flair of the presentation. The satin and the brocade offer the perfect opportunity to test his print mixing skills. Dries van Noten instead of appealing to a simple stripe-dot, stripe-floral combos chooses architecture with geometrical forms and tribal effects.


  1. I think I should try mixing prints some day...but definitely not like the girl in the first photo! Ha.

  2. haha that fist photo just makes me crack up! i will totally be trying the mixed print trend :)


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