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10 Style Strategies When Looking for the Right Jeans AND what style jeans is flattering for your body shape.

If My Jeans Could Talk 

1)Consider buying one size smaller. Jeans can stretch 10 percent after moderate wear, so when trying them on, be sure they hug your body.

2) Buy two pairs. If you find a style you love, buy one and have it hemmed to wear with flats and keep the other long to wear with heels.

3) Choose a zipper over a button fly. It gives a cleaner, smoother look--no bunching.

4) Bring your favorite belt along when you shop. If you want to wear one, make sure the jean loops fit.

5) Wash and dry your jeans before any alterations. This will ensure that shrinkage is accounted for.

 6) Keep the original hem. It may cost more, but for a seamless finish, request that the original hem be put back on.

7) Always wash in cold water. Warm water can cause shrinkage. (Turn them inside out to prevent fading.)

8) Skip fabric softener. It can break down the dye, leading to color loss.

9) Air-dry your jeans. Heat can shrink the fabric.

10) Dry-clean dressy jeans. This will keep the rinse darker and fresher-looking.

Apple, Pear, Rectangle, Hourglass & Round

These five are the shapes of women all around the world. Not everyone have the perfect figure that can look great in any pear of jeans they put on. So if one of these shapes describe you, then here are some examples of jeans that will fit your shape.

1. Apple - this body type is "top heavy." Apple bodies have a wide torso including a full bust, waist and upper back. They also have broad shoulders. They may have slim arms, legs, and hips. Weight gain will normally go towards the waist line. In general, the upper body is noticeably larger compared to the lower body.

     Jeans for you? Avoid skinny legged jeans for the most part. The exception is if you are wearing a longer tunic over the skinny pants. Apple shaped bodies normally have great legs and hips so they can pull off a hip-hugging jean that will emphasize their curves. To create a more balanced look you need to fill out your lower half. Try wide-legged or flare jeans to give a more proportional look. Search for jeans with front and back pockets. This will help to disguise your rounder midsection while flattering your curves. Choose a pair of jeans with a lighter wash, and some bleaching or whiskering. Jeans with that worn look will add volume to your bottom half without adding any real bulk.

2. Pear - this body type is the exact opposite of an apple shape and it is extremely common. Pear bodies are noticeably smaller on top than they are on bottom. Weight gain will normally go to the hips and thighs, therefore pear bodies will appear larger in this area. This body type may have a slender neck with narrow shoulders. Pears will always have a curvy bottom.

     Jeans for you? Avoid high-waisted, skinny or shapeless jeans and opt for the younger, slightly lower rise styles. Go with waistlines that rest slightly below your natural waistline (mid-rise). Larger pockets on the back of your jeans will make your bottom look a bit smaller. Avoid flap pockets or pockets that have a lot of embellishment. These can make your bottom look larger. And you probably don't want that. Your perfect pair of jeans would have oversized pockets that taper at the bottom. This will make your bottom look rounder and your thighs look smaller. Try finding a pair of jeans without front pockets or with slit pockets as this can make your hips appear smaller also. You will want to choose dark colors with stitching that is the same or very close to the fabric color. Straight leg jeans that fall from the hips will give you the appearance of a longer leg-line. Boot-cut jeans will offset any extra width you have near the hips. Longer cut styles make your legs appear longer and slimmer so find a length that is going to fall just right on your leg. You want to pick materials that will skim the thighs instead of hug them. Avoid stretch and baggy jeans as both aren't going to flatter your shape.

3. Rectangle - this body type has very little curve. Rectangle bodies have small frames and are considered athletic or slim. These are those "skinny" bodies that will many times wear petite or tall sizes. They also often times have a small chest size. The rectangle body looks straight up and down. Weight gain would deposit evenly throughout the body.

    Jeans for you? Avoid details around the hips and do not cuff your jeans since this can make your legs appear stumpy. Straight leg cuts are a great choice. Look for a pair of jeans that have larger openings at the ankles than at the thighs. This will make your thighs appear slimmer. Skinny jeans can add some curve to your frame but be careful if you have problem areas you don't want to highlight. Jeans that have been lightened at the thighs and knees can make you appear curvier as well. If you have a flat butt, choose jeans with embellished or flap pockets. Stretch jeans can be worn nicely with athletic shapes. Avoid baggy jeans at all costs since these can make you appear "boyish."

4. Hourglass - this body type is the one that most women want. It is considered curvy but proportional. Hourglass bodies have well defined waists with hips and shoulders that are well balanced. Weight gain distributes evenly throughout the body with this body type as well.

    Jeans for you? Once again, you want to accentuate your waist so wear jeans that have defined waistlines. Straight or wide legs will showcase your curves. Flat front pants will also look nice. Baggy jeans won't do your figure any justice however. Tapered jeans also don't look good on most people.

5. Circle/Round - this body type has a lot of weight around the stomach and will likely have a large top/chest. The waist line is not well defined. Many women fall into this category due to weight gain or natural changes in the body with age. Shoulders and hips appear narrow. Weight gain would deposit around the waist with this body type.

    Jeans for you? Jeans that are flare, boot-cut or have a straight style look best. Avoid tapered, skinny and cargo pants as these will give you an even fuller figure. Look for jeans that are mid-rise. You want the waist to hitacross the belly, not below or above it. A darker wash is slimming so keep that in mind when searching for your perfect pair of jeans. Longer cuts tend to make your legs look long and lean as well. Don't buy jeans that are too tight or you'll get that dreaded "muffin top" look. Go up a size and you will look much slimmer.

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