Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The first post of the season.

Hello and good day!
So since this is my very first post, I guess I should be polite and introduce myself. My name is Amanda Archambault. I'm not the average seventeen year old girl. I make excuses to go out and dress up, even if that means a trip to the good old CVS. I live in a small town in Metro-Atlanta. Even though my home is only a quick 30-40 minutes from the fabulous city, I live in a town of 20,000. We don't have transit. We don't have a club. We don't have a bowling center. We don't have a movie theater. Not even a clothing outlet...or yet...just a clothing store! Basically the town I live in consist of a grocery store, an art gallery, radio shack, the hair salon, nail salon.... and the small stuff that every basic town has ( except for the fun things like... bowling...etc.). I'm a girl that would LOVE to live in a big city, actually have a reason to look cute everyday, have breakfast at cafe's, and walk on sidewalks... ( yep, we don't even have sidewalks out where I live, sad isn't it?). I love classical music. I listen to Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald almost everyday while I'm cooking dinner or just picking up around the house. I also love techno. Not the cheesy stuff of course ;). But the underground good artist. Also, I'm an acrylic painter. Although, this past week I just tried Oil paints and love it. They just move on the canvas so softly and blend like water with Kool-Aid (I thought you would get a good laugh out of that one)! So enough about me...

I want to tell you what my intentions are about this blog. I would like to post daily blogs about what I am doing with my life, fashion, new paintings, advice. I would like to just talk freely with all of my reader. There's nothing that you can't ask me. If you have questions...ask them! I'm wanting to start a fashion line. But of course... that means a lot of practice and dedication. So once I make a design or I make a new piece. I will let you know and keep every one up dated. Well that is it for now. I'm really liking this blog thing. So I might just post another one of these in a few ;) *laughs*
xoxo, A... Archambault

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